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About Wall Art Decor


We produce wall art decor including painting, digital art & photographs on metal prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints and glass prints.  Our focus is on visual artists. Our galleries feature painters, photographers, as well as digital artists.  The diversity of visual art is significant. The world and universe is captured through the artist’s brushes, lenses, hands and digital magic. Pixon Images is a portal to that magic. We engage artists who are unique and have a distinct artistic perspective within our family.


We produce wall art for various international artists. Furthermore, PIXONIMAGES promotes original artists. Furthermore, we create a galleries at no cost to artists. Also, we work as a group to promote the family of artists.

Contact us to be considered for our Gallery Program. To view our artists click “GALLERIES“.


Additionally, we produce custom wall art for clients. Through wall art decor, vehicles, musical instruments, or images captured through a lens (from a dedicated digital camera or a phone cam), become memorialized.

Cadillac wall art decor in metal print Ovation guitar wall art decor in multi panel print

Contact us through our CONTACT PAGE to find out how we can create a unique piece of wall art decor for your home or office. Submitted images must be a minimum resolution of 1980 x 1080 pixels at a density of 300 Pixels per Inch (PPI). The smaller the density (PPI), the smaller the print will be. Pixon Images will do a free assessment of a submitted image to determine the possible sizes and configrations. As well, we can suggest multi-panel versions of an image. We also produce 2-sided panels, which can also be hung as a wall divider within any room or area.

Pixon Images is dedicated to developing not only new wall art decor products, but decor products that are used in other applications. Special order products include glass for coffee tables, door panels and more featuring any kind of image. Moreover, we are open to new ideas and concepts. Consequently, the possibilities are endless.


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