Wall Art featuring international artists and photographers in metal prints, canvas prints, glass prints and acrylic prints.

Pixon Images is dedicated to creating the gallery of galleries where artists reap the rewards. Also, we produce custom wall art from your images. Furthermore, prices include the print, hanger, shipping and taxes.

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Wall art is growing exponentially. Pixon Images searches the universe of the web to discover visual artists: painters, digital artists and photographers. Like the record companies of the 70s, Pixon Images strives to find a roster of artists who each have a different voice artistically. We invite artists to find out more and contact us. We create their galleries at no cost to the artist. Artists also determine their own fees. In addition, Pixon Images believes in competitive transparency. The world of art needs to support all artists and, hence, provide the widest exposure to the world. Together, we can drive that mission. As a result, we all benefit. Follow us on FACEBOOK.